Open Space

Taking place during the special Unconference portion of the IABC World Conference (1–3:15 p.m.,Tuesday, 5 June), and one of several options you can choose from during this time, read on to learn more about this exciting Open Space-style addition to the event!

What is Open Space at the World Conference?

Open Space is a self-organizing group activity where participants select and lead discussions on topics of their choosing. Discussions can be on anything at all and groups may opt to organize by industry, discipline or just pure affinity. Long-time IABC leaders Michael Nord and Mike Klein will be the hosts of the event.

How do you determine what will be discussed?

The idea with Open Space is that the topics of discussion are decided collectively. We will determine topics ahead of time by having a board in the Hub (exhibit hall) where attendees can indicate topics of interest. Through this board, we invite anyone who’s interested in a topic to put their name forward to lead a discussion. Those who want to take part in a topic that has been listed can indicate their interest with a sticker.

How will it work on the day?

In our take on Open Space, the event taking place in two 60-minute sections, allowing for an optional switch to another Unconference activity after the first hour. Participants will find their way into a group and discussion leaders will get guidelines for how to “run” the conversations.

We’ll hold the event in a large space that will have the feel of a marketplace where people can instantly join a conversation. Each table will have room for 10 participants, but you’re free to listen in and move on at will. Everyone will have the opportunity to be heard and take part in one of about 20 meaningful group discussions, all taking place at the same time.

How will the ideas be captured and shared?

Each group will capture/harvest their discussion outputs/outcomes on a large sheet that will be provided for each table. We’ll collect and share this information with all attendees to help support shared learning.

Open Space is included with a full or standard conference registration, as well as a Tuesday day pass.

About the moderators

Mike Klein /Netherlands is the IABC EMENA region vice chair and owner of a Netherlands-based blog and consultancy focused on internal communication strategy. He is a leading advocate for the use of networked approaches to business and personal communication. Author of the “Changing The Terms” blog and a former U.S. political consultant, Klein advocates and practices an integrated approach to networking which connects his peers with career opportunities, speaking engagements, and introductions to new resources. An MBA graduate of London Business School, Klein holds dual U.S./U.K. citizenship.

Michael Nord / Netherlands is an IABC executive board member since 2016 and principal for an influencer analysis and social mapping project for Fifth Business, one of the world’s largest multinational communications companies. He advises and coaches leaders in large organizations on how to manage their stakeholders using appropriate tools and methods. Nord was born in Denmark, lives in the Netherlands and speaks five languages. He has worked all over the world, for small and large organizations.


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