Prevent a reputation meltdown and manage stakeholder communication

Cyber crime has been around for as long as we’ve been connected to the internet, but recently, criminals are excelling in their creativity and ingenuity, with consequences that are more damaging than ever before. Yet, the organizations that invest in cyber crime resilience and preparedness seem to always be one step behind as they try and guess what might come next. The price tags of these attacks are going through the roof and reputations are on the line.

Therefore, when faced with a cyber crisis, it is critical to demonstrate strong leadership and communicate credibly with all stakeholders to avoid a reputation meltdown. Learning to steer your way through the web of stakeholders and thinking of the worst are must-have crisis skills for the communicator. In this dynamic scenario-based session, participants will have the opportunity to practice skills and define their strategy to prevent a crisis from turning into a reputation train wreck.

You’ll learn:

  • Fast-track stakeholder mapping in a crisis.
  • Developing worst-case scenarios that empower teams to be more proactive.
  • Media and social media engagement focused on retaining credibility to prevent a reputation meltdown.

Career level: Strategic Adviser

Presenter / Caroline Sapriel / Belgium is founder and managing partner of CS&A International, a global crisis management firm servicing multinational clients. With 30 years of experience practicing, speaking, lecturing and writing on crisis management, she is a recognized leader in her profession. A member of IABC since 1987, she most recently served on IABC’s ethics committee. She is fluent in five languages.


Presenter / Carl Mavromichalis, ABC / Canada has 20 years of experience in communication, media relations, and stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining CS&A, Mavromichalis held senior client-side and consulting roles that included crisis communications and issues management. His experience in the aviation industry includes managing crisis response communication following aircraft incidents. Mavromichalis assisted the Government of Alberta with virtual town halls during the evacuation of Fort McMurray in 2016 due to a wildfire—the largest insurable disaster and second-largest mass evacuation in Canadian history.