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Deliver innovation: 6 lessons in leadership and strategy

Even if you’re an experienced communication professional, the world is continuing to evolve around you, presenting challenges that require new thinking. That means that even the most seasoned communication leader must work to stay sharp and take in new ideas to remain ahead of today’s changing communication environment. If you are to meet demanding business goals, you’ll need innovative strategies to deliver.

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Speaker Angee Linsey: Building your personal brand

Angee Linsey_400X300Your work may not always speak for itself, which is why your personal brand is key to helping others understand your value. CW Executive Editor Natasha Nicholson interviewed Angee Linsey, managing director of Linsey Careers, an executive recruiting firm that specializes in marketing and communication search, about developing personal branding. Linsey shares what your personal brand encompasses and the first steps to take when developing it.

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What’s new and special about this year’s IABC World Conference?

san francisco 1This year’s IABC World Conference started with a vision. A group of 25 volunteer communication leaders from around the world, the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) wanted to go beyond the ordinary. Drawing from the desire to deliver an event with truly innovative thinking, the group evaluated a record 250-plus presentation proposals.

A global mix of dynamic speakers with compelling content were matched to five tracks: communication skills, leadership and strategy, marketing and brand, reputation and employee engagement. As the program came together, the aim was to include sessions that would deliver best practices, new insights and creative solutions to solve real problems.

But that wasn’t enough. The PAC wanted to push the boundaries to give their peers the kind of learning that was specifically tailored to their needs. That’s how these six new features of the conference came into play. Read More

Discover a world of learning

WorldInnovative ideas and creative solutions are not relegated to one part of the world. They’re everywhere. That’s why IABC World Conference speakers and attendees reflect the international nature of what makes the communication profession so special—a myriad of perspectives, ideas and experiences that reflect the diverse nature of organizational communication.

This year’s conference is shaping up to be more globally representative than ever before. Last year’s attendees represented nearly 40 countries. As we head toward 14-17 June, attendees will be streaming in to San Francisco from all over the world, creating a richly vibrant, multicultural, one-of-a-kind experience. Read More

Learn from the best: 2015 World Conference speakers

Pier 7 in San Francisco at nightWith more than 250 submissions, the 2015 slate of World Conference speakers are truly the cream of the crop. Who are these professionals exactly?

This year’s speakers:

  • Are globally diverse: Representing six continents, this year’s speakers will bring the latest communication trends from 19 countries around the world.
  • Have a tradition of speaking excellence: Two TedTalk speakers, one member of the Professional Speaker’s Hall of Fame, and countless conference sessions, workshops and webinars: Our speakers know the components of an engaging presentation.
  • Are proven communicators: Eight of our speakers are Accredited Business Communicators. Five are IABC Fellows—the highest honor awarded to IABC members for contributions to the profession.
  • Represent the gold standard of communication: Among this year’s slate are 10 IABC Gold Quill Award winners—IABC’s premier program recognizing excellence in the field of communication.
  • Are leaders in their field: This year’s speakers are at the forefront of their profession, pushing boundaries to achieve excellence. Among them are: published authors, one of Silicon Valley’s 100 most influential women, India’s first professional blogger, one of Content Marketing’s Top 36 content marketers who rock, and one of PR News’ “15 to Watch” leaders shaping the industry.

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Speaker Sam Harrison: 5 tips to keep your creativity soaring


Sam Harrison

There’s nothing like a liberal infusion of personal creativity to add energy and magnetism to our communication methods. Strategy and content may be dead-on, but the ebb and flow of our creativity can determine whether our deliverables are bright or bleak, attention-grabbing or sleep-inducing.

The good news is that creativity isn’t a talent granted to a privileged few—it’s innate in all humans. The challenging news is that to ignite our imaginations, we must constantly nourish and exercise our creativity like a muscle. Read More