Conference Highlights

Corporate television: The case for outsourcing

What is your job? The corporation you worked for hired you in a media management capacity, as a public relations expert, maybe as an information coordinator–any number of titles that essentially come down to making sure that your employer’s message comes across clearly and succinctly, and in a compelling way. If you’re looking to produce high-quality corporate television, does that mean you have to own and manage all of the technology needed to create the message? Not necessarily.

Do you need a big studio?

Unless your company shoots regularly scheduled programming on a daily basis, there may not be a need to maintain a large studio. There are so many different cameras, lenses, filters, etc. out there that not using outsourced production companies may limit your choices for the looks you are trying to achieve. Read More

IABC Foundation: What happens when talent gives back? Something remarkable.

Bay Bridge in San Francisco, CAThis year’s Foundation luncheon event at the IABC World Conference will offer an unforgettable experience that will enlighten, inspire and bring the best of the profession forward. Speakers will redefine what it means to be a communicator, by sharing stories on how they contributed their time and talent in remarkable and life-changing ways.

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The true impact of employee engagement on business performance

We know that organizations with more engaged employees produce better results on a number of levels.

These “better results” not only relate to financial (higher revenue and profits), but also in people terms – less stress, less absence among employees and higher customer satisfaction. Read More

How to attract a huge following on social media: Tips from Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki shares his top tips for cultivating a large, engaged following on social media. His No. 1 tip? Post more frequently.

Learn more by attending Guy’s keynote at the 2015 IABC World Conference. Register today.

5 ways to make LinkedIn work for you

linkedinIf used properly, LinkedIn can be more than a social network for connecting with colleagues–it can help you leverage your career. However, as voiced by the participants in a recent #CommChat, moderated by World Conference speaker Chuck Gose, the site can often feel bloated by too much self-promotion, too much spam, even too many endorsements and connection requests. So, how do you filter through the noise? With personalization and frequent activity and upkeep.

For a complete recap of the discussion, check out IABC’s Storify page.

Below are a few highlights from our conversation about LinkedIn.

1. Use LinkedIn as your daily source for industry news and career tips

Content was the most common reason that participants used LinkedIn regularly. With LinkedIn’s publishing platform, it’s even easier now to contribute and share professional insights.

Read the complete recap on CW Observer.

Learn how to make the most of LinkedIn. Attend Chuck Gose’s session, “What communicators are missing on LinkedIn.” Register today.