Conference Highlights

What happens when internal says “yes”? You could get on the evening news

yes-68480_1280When I said “yes” to an opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on well-being in the workplace, I had no idea that the CBS Evening News would come ringing our door to tell a good story featuring Bayer.

Following that experience, our new Bayer HealthCare U.S. headquarters in Whippany, N.J. saw a lot of positive mentions—from coverage in major interior design magazines, to winning local suburban green project and good neighbor awards, and a number of other accolades, including winning a dry-wall installation award (not kidding). All of these led to ongoing positive coverage about the open plan workspace we recently implemented that was built with health and wellness in mind. Read More

Getting social media buy-in

social media doodles_1000X762This article was originally published on Allee Creative’s blog. It is published here with permission.

Sometimes the hardest part about using social media for business is getting buy-in from the decision makers. This can be especially hard if the executive leaders of your company are not active on social media. If you’re a business owner, this can include you as well. You might not be comfortable or have the faintest idea how to use social media personally, let alone for your business.

Likewise, you could have a team that is completely on board with what you’re doing on social media from a business perspective, but if those same people aren’t willing participants when it comes to sharing, liking and retweeting or reposting content, you can’t very well expect your external audiences to do the work for you.

So how do you get social media buy-in from others in your company in order to utilize these online tools as part of your overall marketing strategy?

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B2B Marketing on Facebook: Why You DON’T Need a Strategy

In this video from Mighty Media Group, World Conference speaker Stephenie Rodriguez shares why B2B marketers shouldn’t be focused on creating a Facebook strategy. Instead, she tells us, it’s important to have the bigger picture in mind and create a channel or content strategy. Watch to find out why.

Learn how social media, alongside other disruptive technology–from the iWatch to digital publishing–will impact communication in Rodriguez’s session.

Bridging two companies, two cultures, two countries

globe puzzle pieces_cropped1Unifying two diverse workforces is no easy task. Add two uniquely different company cultures and countries and you’re presented with quite the communication project.

IABC recently spoke with Martin Hirsch, senior adviser and business partner of group communications for Roche, and Ron Fuchs, APR, Roche’s head of communications services, about their experience unifying the Swiss company Roche with the American company Genentech. Hirsch and Fuchs also share the key elements of successful global corporate communication.

Hirsh_Fuchs_400X300Your session will examine how the Swiss healthcare company Roche established a common purpose among employees worldwide, particularly across the global communication community, following its integration with Genentech, an American biotech company. What were some of the communication challenges you faced?

Following the integration, senior management began to get the message that people were unclear about the company’s identity and purpose. Even though Roche and Genentech share very similar fundamental values about innovation and serving patients, the cultures, personalities and approaches were so different that something needed to be done to bridge the divide. Even the style and tone of the way the two companies convey their commitment to patients is quite different, which posed another challenge.

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7 must-have business communication skills

37076504_l (1)Perhaps you’re a seasoned communication professional. Does that mean your skill-building days are over? No way. The dynamic nature of this profession is one that requires constant learning. Just as you become adept with one skill, a twist or turn in the communication environment requires you to upgrade your skills in another area. That’s what makes organizational communication so interesting — and so challenging. With the support of our track sponsor, Newsweaver, IABC World Conference is bringing together top communication professionals to vet ideas, offer solutions and share best practices. Here are some of the skills you can expect to gain. Read More

5 innovative ways to market your brand

Coming up with new and innovative ideas doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need to gather examples from the people who are leading the way. That’s why IABC has assembled an all-star team of marketing and brand professionals to show you what works, what doesn’t work and why. They’ll walk you through initiatives that exceeded expectations and explain how to make creative ideas work for you. Here’s just some of what’s coming your way at the IABC World Conference: Read More

Surveys – what makes them fail or succeed?

art-visual-750x450As communicators, we hear and say the words ‘survey fatigue’ all too often in our working day. It is often a symptom of polling too frequently, but more often it’s due to the way employees perceive the value of participating. Surveys do have an important place in employee engagement. Research has shown us that when someone genuinely listens, employees give feedback and are more engaged.

It is possible to build an atmosphere of trust when employees truly feel their opinions are of value to the company. Internal communicators can provide this facility through surveys. The key is acknowledging and using the results

The Employee Opinion Surveys agency laid out seven reasons employee engagement surveys fail. Read More

Using mobile to engage non-desk employees

Ciara O'Keefe

Ciara O’Keeffe

The digital workplace has complicated our definitions of non-desk employees. With fewer employees in the office, it’s even more important that communicators pay attention to how they are engaging this employee group. IABC World Conference speaker Ciara O’Keeffe, vice president of client success at Beem, moderated a robust #CommChat discussion on how mobile technology in particular can be used to engage non-desk employees.

For a complete recap of the discussion, check out IABC’s Storify page. Join the conversation: #CommChats are held Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Pacific Time.

Is “non-desk” still the best term?

Ciara O’Keeffe started the conversation off by asking, “Who are non-desk employees?” In this digital age, it may not be as simple as our definition in the past.

The group differentiated between non-desk employees (which can include remote workers) and employees who are disconnected, without access to computers at work.

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Measuring employee engagement in internal communication


Denise Cox

Recent studies show that over 60% of internal communicators are still not measuring internal communication. (Survey report). As an internal communicator, you know it is important to measure the impact of your communication and prove your function’s business value. Yet most internal communicators are not measuring internal communication, which includes measuring employee engagement.

Why measure employee engagement? If you do not measure, you do not matter

Why are 60% of communicators not measuring internal communication? Most likely it is a combination of them not being sure where to start, not aware that it is imperative to prove the business value, and not aware of the technology that enables internal communication measurement. Below are some tips to help you jump-start access to internal communication metrics which will support measuring employee engagement. Read More

Don’t let your website fall behind


Allyson Ward Neal

What kind of experience do visitors have when they access your website? Do they see stale content? Perhaps they have problems even accessing your content because your website isn’t mobile friendly.

Just because social media are currently in the spotlight, doesn’t mean that you should devote less resources to your website. A recent #CommChat discussion, hosted by Allyson Ward Neal, underscored how important it is to evaluate how your customers are arriving to and interacting with your web content. For a complete recap of the discussion, check out IABC’s Storify page.

Below are a few highlights from the Twitter chat.

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