Providing a personalized communication experience for every employee

More than ever before, employees have heavier workloads and less time to spend learning about the latest company news and how their work supports the company’s goals and priorities. What’s more, many employees work from home and travel frequently, so there are fewer workers in a traditional office setting.

How can a company’s internal communications reach all employees with important messages and stories, and keep them connected to the business—and each other—without relying heavily on email? After a merger of equals created severe communication limitations caused by separate email, intranet and HR systems, communication leaders at IQVIA, a Fortune 500 company, took advantage of this unique opportunity to do something different.

In this session, you will learn how leadership decided to shift the way it communicates with its 58,000 employees by being an early adopter of mobile technology and launching its first-ever news app. Find out how IQVIA successfully launched its mobile app in May 2018 to create a more connected employee community and, as a result, helped develop a unique culture for the combined company. If you are considering launching a mobile app dedicated to employees, you’ll want to get insights about how to devise a creative content and channel strategy, develop pre-launch and ongoing promotional activities to get employees on the app, power your intranet homepage with app content, and how to keep employees coming back to the platform day after day, week after week.

Format: Presentation
Track: Creativity, Technology & Design

Presenter / Jennifer Harrison / U.S. has more than 25 years of business communications and public relations experience, including working for two Fortune 500 companies. At IQVIA, Jennifer is responsible for enterprise-wide internal communication for approximately 61,000 employees, creating and implementing comprehensive, multimedia internal communication programs to align employees to the company’s strategic business priorities and initiatives. So far, the highlight of her IQVIA career is successfully launching the company’s first all-employee mobile news app, Go IQ, in May 2018.