#Reboot: Are you ready for a new communication world?

The world is changing rapidly around us and tomorrow’s organizational communication may bear little resemblance to the function you perform today. Are you ready to #reboot how your organization communicates in a world that may no longer support rich and abundant channels? Are you ready, in that brave new world, to refresh how your leaders communicate? And are you ready to reinvent yourself and the approaches you follow?

You could, at many communication conferences, sit back and listen to experts discuss these questions. Or you could come to IABC 2020 and participate in a unique interactive experience that inspires you to explore how you can #reboot your communication world.

You will emerge from this session with:

  • A compelling glimpse into how to #reboot a communication function to focus on outcomes rather than content, channels, tools.
  • A strong command of how to counsel leaders to communicate without channels they may consider comfortable.
  • A clear road map to reinvent yourself, as a communicator, so you “future proof” your career by reaching people no matter the available channels and counseling leaders regardless of the issues.

Rather than listen to Brad and Mark describe this new world, you will discover the roles you can play in shaping tomorrow’s communication environment by playing an entertaining and insightful game. In a series of three interactive exercises, participants will divide into small groups, make live presentations and ultimately, select the team they consider best prepared to look forward. Are you ready to #reboot?

Format: Workshop
Track: Career & Future Skills

Presenter / Mark Schumann ABC, IABC Fellow / U.S.  is vice president of culture for Sabre Corp, a 17-time Gold Quill winner, and the co-author of Brand from the Inside, Brand for Talent, and The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication. As a professor of communication at Baruch College, New York, he helped future business leaders envision worlds where they would communicate without the support of a traditional communication staff. He brings that cautious enthusiasm to this interactive “game” where participants will work, present, think and wonder. Today, Schumann will put communicators to work in an interactive game where they will think, work, present and wonder.

Presenter / Brad Whitworth ABC, SCMP, IABC Fellow / U.S. is senior communication manager at Hitachi Vantara and loves living in the future. Whitworth’s spent almost 40 years leading communication programs at high-tech giants like HP, Cisco, PeopleSoft and MicroFocus. One of his seven Gold Quills was for communications training. He is one of the authors of The IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication, a contributor to IC Kollectif’s Disrupting the Function of Internal Communication, and a frequent speaker at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.