Communicating powerful vulnerability: Why, how, when and where

Personal stories can be a powerful way to illustrate a point, broaden perspectives, and foster connection and trust in the business environment. They can also bore, offend or alienate listeners if not told well and told with the listeners’ needs in mind. As communicators, we can enrich our connection with people by drawing from our personal stories in a mindful and artful way, and inspire those around us to do the same.

Drawing from Jeff Raz’s life’s work in connecting with people and audiences spanning many cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, this session will examine the role, place and value of storytelling in the diverse workplace. We will also explore the nuances of reading cross-cultural cues, and learning how to stay attuned and nimble as a storyteller in the rapidly shifting world of global business.

This session will be pragmatic, offering a deeper understanding of the “why,” the “how,” the “when” and the “how much is enough” of storytelling, as well as aspirational, exploring how to best utilize stories to express authenticity, strengthen connection and bonds, and contribute to a more positive, diverse work culture. Since things don’t always go perfectly, we will also explore ways to navigate from awkward moments and potentially embarrassing miscommunications, to golden opportunities that develop connection, understanding and a bit of fun between people from divergent backgrounds.

Format: Presentation
Track: Employee & Customer Engagement

Presenter / Jeff Raz / U.S. has starred with Cirque du Soleil and in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors on Broadway, among many other productions. He has written 17 plays and founded the New Vaudeville Festival, the Clown Conservatory, the Medical Clown Project and led these organizations through key periods of development. He is the author of two books: The Secret Life of Clowns and The Snow Clown. Jeff has taken his extensive performing and arts management experience to the corporate world, helping leaders and their teams strengthen communication practices and build more positive corporate cultures. He has worked with many Fortune 100 companies and with executive education and MBA programs at Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, IMD and INSEAD. Drawing from his experiences in the arts world, as depicting in his two acclaimed books, Jeff offers unique experiential keynotes and workshops customized for business, arts, and community groups.

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