Sally Hogshead: How the world sees you—from first impressions to lasting value

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When you learn how to fascinate, you become more memorable and valued. When organizations learn to fascinate, their products become more desirable, their customers turn into advocates, and their best employees never want to leave. Why are you captivated by some people, but not others? How do certain leaders convince you to change your opinion? What will distinguish your communications from others’ and help you stand out in a massively distracted world?

From the moment she steps onstage, Sally Hogshead captivates you. A member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Sally has quickly gained a reputation for blending proprietary research with sharp insight and wit. She takes audiences on a journey inside the human brain, exploring communication, performance and the future of personality branding. Sally’s national study on the science of fascination led her to develop The Fascination Advantage assessment and report. This is the first science-based assessment to measure how an individual is most likely to add value. Unlike other tests, such as StrengthsFinder or Myers-Briggs, this assessment doesn’t measure how you see the world. This measures how the world sees you.

By attending this session, you’ll learn how to reverse the usual model of communication, find out how to stop focusing on “how you see the world” and discover how to start applying your advantages based on “how the world sees you.” We live in a distracted world. The average attention span is just 9 seconds. Yet if we only have 9 seconds to communicate value, how do we break through? Audiences will either be immediately engrossed by your message, or lose interest entirely. To stop the distraction, and engage listeners, we must create moments of intense focus. We must use our personality advantages to connect and communicate. When we do, we generate extraordinary results. This session will explore the science of personal branding, based on original research with hundreds of thousands of people.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your personality’s top advantage.
  • Make stronger first impressions.
  • More quickly earn respect and trust.
  • Increase value among co-workers.

This is a powerful, funny, high-energy presentation, filled with interaction. Participants discover their own unique advantages to be heard and remembered.

Learn about how the world sees you.

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