The values economy is here

Many experts today talk about the experience economy and customer experience as being the most current, progressive and enlightened business strategy. Yet the experience economy phrase was first used in 1998, more than twenty years ago–in the last century. People no longer make decisions on a purely rational, financial basis but increasingly on a deeper, emotional level.

Take the growth of fair trade, where customers are choosing to pay a price premium because they believe in the way the product has arrived on the shelf. Similarly, research shows that younger generations are choosing which organization to work for based on purpose and values rather than salary. Alan Williams refer to this paradigm as the values economy which has already arrived: in business, politics and socially. Add to the mix that, in our super-connected and increasingly transparent world, the truth gets out fast. News and opinions are communicated to millions in a heartbeat. There is no hiding place and authenticity is fast becoming the new knock-out winner.

This session will share how organizations can thrive and flourish in the values economy, as Alan shares his expertise as an operator at heart who has led successful values-driven organizations in practice.

Format: Presentation
Track: Career & Future Skills

Presenter / Alan Williams / United Kingdom helps leaders of progressive service sector organizations to deliver significantly better business performance and a service excellence culture through values-driven organizational alignment. He is a published author and international speaker whose projects have delivered measurable business impact across a balanced scorecard of measures and been recognised with industry awards. His co-authored books about values, THE 31 PRACTICES: release the power of your organisation’s VALUES every day, and, My 31 Practices: release the power of your values for authentic happiness, have received international critical acclaim. His next book, The Values Economy, how to design and deliver a SERVICEBRAND for sustained performance, will be published in 2020. Williams is the Founder of the Global Values Alliance, a Steering Group member of the U.K. Values Alliance, non-executive director of BQF, past president of the Meetings Industry Association and was a global train the trainer for the Marriott International Spirit to Serve program.