Shift: From communicator to communication professional

What if the challenges communicators are having with respect and reputation have less to do with capability and capacity than they do with courage and confidence? What if the reality of embracing our power as communication professionals involved a shift in our language, our thinking, our passions, and our actions?

For the past 25 years, in IABC and in the profession, we have been talking about the ability of strategic internal communication to have a direct impact on business results; yet aside from a small number of leaders who showcase what’s possible, we have not seen any dramatic movement in investment and action.

In this session you will:

  1. Understand the shift required from tactical communicator to respected strategic internal communication professional.
  2. Realize that we have the power to change. Let’s stop complaining about not having a seat at the decision-making table when we continue to expect different results while we continue to fight to maintain our comfort zone.
  3. Explore the opportunities that are becoming available now that executives recognize the need for internal communication linked to bottom line business results, reputation, culture and brand. The world lacks deep expertise in internal communication.

This session will help you evolve from implementation to interaction, integration, influence and impact that connect the from goals to measurable results. It will also set internal communication as a career destination versus a stepping stone to external communication.

Format: Presentation
Track: Employee & Customer Engagement

Presenter / Priya Bates / Canada is an award-winning professional communicator with a passion for driving strong performance from the inside out. As president and owner of Inner Strength Communication, Bates builds strategic internal communication, engagement, branding and transformational change plans that enable, engage and empower employees to deliver business results. In her 20+ year career, she has led communication for organizations including the Loblaw Companies Limited, HP Canada, Compaq Canada, and The Ontario Nurses Association. Her clients include organizations and leaders across technology, retail, financial, healthcare, mining and manufacturing sectors looking to build strategic internal communication expertise. Bates is an Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) and was proud to become one of the first Certified Strategic Communication Management Professionals (SCMP) in the world. She is has also been recognized with lifetime achievement as a Master Communicator in Canada and an IABC Fellow globally.


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