Social media at the crossroads

Teenagers can be a challenge. As social media turn 14, communicators face a plethora of challenges in using, managing, and responding on social media. What was thought in its infancy to be a wonderful way to join the conversation has evolved into a land of trolls and angry discourse.

This session is designed to take a holistic approach to evaluating how, when, and where social media should fit into your brand, communication and reputation strategy, as we explore how social media is at its own crossroads.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Explore the uniqueness of your organization and how that should affect your social media strategy.
  • Consider the juxtaposition of social media for marketing versus crisis communication.
  • Examine your social media with a cynic’s eye to be at your strategic best.
  • Identify sunny day strategies for managing negative social media.

Career level: Strategic Adviser

Presenter / Gerard Braud, CSP, Fellow IEC / U.S. is a crisis communication expert. As a journalist, he spent 15 years reporting on crises. He has reported for CNN, NBC, CBS, The BBC and The Weather Channel. As a professional communicator, he has spent more 20 years helping leaders and organizations on five continents communicate more effectively in their most critical times. This veteran communicator blends the tried and true with emerging communication platforms to create a holistic approach to communication.