Strategic Adviser Forum: Build alignment and increase business value

Did you know that building alignment is a chance for your organizations to boost its competitive advantage? And for you as a communicator, it’s a chance to take the lead on alignment and significantly increase the demonstrable business value you provide. To learn how, join the pre-conference Strategic Adviser Forum session, “Alignment: how communicators can change the face of leadership.” The session takes place on Sunday, 9 June from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Lunch is included.)

Defining alignment

According to the Cambridge Dictionary:

  • “Organization” means a “group of people who work together in an organized way for a shared purpose.”
  • “Team” means “people working together as a group in order to achieve something.”

When you consider these definitions, one thing becomes obvious. Alignment—the ability to unite people behind a shared vision, strategy, values and purpose—is absolutely core to what leadership is all about.

Are most organizations aligned?

Did you to know that some of the world’s organizations are routinely poor at aligning themselves and have been for decades? What if we told you that only 26 percent of communicators believe their colleagues value their corporate strategy, according to a recent study? And, for corporate purpose, it’s only 35 percent. That’s a third. So much for organizations being united by shared purpose.

Lead on alignment across your organization

This interactive workshop will focus on how to take the lead on alignment across your organization. It will be particularly relevant to any communicator who is keen to increase the business value of their function or their role within the organization. The workshop will begin by looking briefly at the findings of the 2018 Global Alignment Study conducted by Zora Artis, SCMP and Wayne Aspland, with the support of the IABC Foundation.

It will then focus on the practical issues related to driving organizational alignment. In particular:

  • Alignment, brand and engagement: How do they work together?
  • How to determine the level of alignment in your organization and create the business case for change. This is critical because real alignment is virtually impossible without total leadership support.
  • Uniting and empowering your leaders—both the executive and the senior leadership teams. Why is this important and how can you approach it?
  • How to create and communicate a simple, credible and inspiring strategic narrative, which is vital to the alignment process.
  • How to move from “communicate” to “unite” and the critical partnerships you will need to forge along the way.
  • How to move beyond tactical actions to tangible outcomes.

Workshop facilitators

Zora Artis, GAICD, SCMP, FAMI, CPM, is the CEO and lead strategist of 3AC in Melbourne, Australia. 3AC is a strategic communication and creative agency focused on helping clients succeed whether its solving a business problem or leveraging opportunities. Artis has almost three decades of experience in business, marketing, communication, advertising and branding. She is a director on the IABC International Executive Board, a member of the IABC Audit & Risk Committee, a member of the Global Communication Certification Council, IABC APAC region board vice-chair, IABC Victoria Past President, IABC Gold Quill winner, a recipient of the IABC 2015 Chairman’s Award and a Gold Quill Awards Blue Ribbon Panel evaluator.

Wayne Aspland is a writer and communication consultant with more than 15 years’ experience in corporate communication (including head of function). He researches extensively and creates strategic narratives, thought leadership and communication strategies that help organizations think about, talk about and realize their future. This includes supporting a growing number of strategy execution, digital transformation, strategic alignment and employee and stakeholder engagement projects. Aspland has lectured in communication at Deakin University and is also an award-winning former member of the IABC Victoria Board. In 2017, he authored a comprehensive discussion paper, “The Robots are Coming,” which covered the impact of AI on corporate communication.

The fee for this workshop is US$250 members and US$300 for non-members. It is included with Sunday-only day-pass registration.

This is your chance to take your organization, and your career, to the next level.

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