The Corporate Rebels

Engagement Reimagined

The Corporate Rebels are on a mission to make work more fun. They quit their frustrating, corporate jobs and set out to travel the globe to visit the world’s most inspiring organizations. While checking off items on their renowned Bucket List, they share everything they learn.

Their blog is read in more than 100 countries and they’ve been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and the BBC. They’ve been listed among the “Top 30 Emergent Management Thinkers” and nominated for the Thinkers50 Breakthrough Idea Award.

The Corporate Rebel story

Only two years into our corporate jobs, we had become frustrated with the way our organizations were run. Like most people (85% of employees are disengaged!), we worked in uninspiring workplaces characterized by inertia, bureaucracy and a lack of motivation. We believe these organizations, which are mostly based on outdated structures, are doomed to fail in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Unleash the potential of employees

Born out of personal frustration, we quit our jobs, started Corporate Rebels based in The Netherlands, and set out to find the world’s most progressive organizations, from well-known examples such as Spotify, Google and Patagonia to lesser-known organizations that organize work in radically different ways. By visiting these pioneers, we learn about many alternative ways of working that fully unleash the potential of employees.

By doing this, we have created a movement of like-minded individuals and organizations who are ready to make a positive change in the way they work.

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