Staffbase Sponsor Keynote: Reaching Non-Desk Workers

Moderated by Carla Kath

The Staffbase customer panel presentation, “Reaching Non-Desk Workers: Real-Life Lessons from SAK Construction and US AutoLogistics,” will be on Tuesday, 5 June, 8–8:45 a.m.

Communication with a non-desk workforce is an ongoing struggle for many organizations. Scott Linke, Marketing Manager for SAK Construction, and Troy Griggsby, Communications & Brand Manager for US AutoLogistics, discuss their challenges in reaching non-desk workers and how they combine traditional and digital channels to make their communication efforts successful. The panel is completed by Staffbase co-founder Frank Wolf who shares typical questions and answers about popular mobile channels like employee apps. Participants can expect to get hands-on advice and authentic stories on how to reach them all!


Carla Kath – Staffbase, Marketing Director, North America

Carla Kath is a purveyor of career adventures who has experienced internal communications from the inside out during her tenure in marketing (primarily) for healthcare organizations. She believes that work culture—much like cupcakes—can provide sweet experiences for employers, employees, and customers. Raised in the South and surviving in the Northeast, she relies on a prudent “bless your heart” every day with her young family.


Scott Linke – SAK Construction, Marketing Manager

Scott Linke is the Marketing Manager at SAK Construction in St. Louis, MO where he provides leadership and execution for corporate affairs, public relations, and social media.  He is also a skilled events professional who coordinates trade shows and corporate training opportunities.  Throughout Scott’s 15+ years in the communications & design fields he has served in a variety of different roles ranging from Art Director at a private shoe company to Brand Marketing Manager for one of America’s most iconic brands, Rawlings Sporting Goods.  Scott is passionate about brand growth and development via data-driven marketing campaigns, collaborative partnerships, and creative problem solving.  Raised in the Midwest, Scott is a sports enthusiast at heart who spends his spare time with his wife chasing around their two children.

Troy Griggsby – US AutoLogistics, Communications & Brand Manager

Troy Griggsby has served as USAL’s communications and brand manager since 2016, having previously held communications and ethics consulting roles within the company’s parent organization, The Friedkin Group, since 2006. Troy has over 20 years’ experience in corporate identity and internal communications within the automotive, healthcare and higher education fields. A graduate of Texas A&M University and The University of Texas, Troy is a storyteller at heart, drawing upon his backgrounds in psychology and social work to help close the information gap. Born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast and a meat-and-potatoes guy, Troy designs baseball uniforms and is a lousy guitarist. He lives in the Houston area with his wife and their two children.

Frank Wolf – Staffbase, Co-Founder and CMO

Frank Wolf is an intranet and internal communication expert with more than a 14 years of experience, including leading positions at Accenture and T-Mobile. He is the publisher and author of “Social Intranet” who is passionate about helping companies connect to their employees. He loves to hike and is the father of two great daughters who unfortunately don’t share his love for the great outdoors.


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