The 7 dos and don’ts of co-creation: A workshop on creating together

Today’s businesses often fall into the trap of planning a project as a team before everyone splits off to create, review, and rebuild on their own. The process is often daunting, and, when the team comes back together, the results are often disappointing.

These old, every-man-for-himself methods don’t cut it in the modern world of collaborative business, as new players learn to innovate solutions faster than their more traditional, market-leading counterparts. Pinaki Kathiari’s digital agency, Local Wisdom, uses “co-creation” to expedite the creative process while gaining valuable insights and producing amazing products. So what is co-creation? Co-creation is both a mindset and a set of techniques that bring groups together to produce mutually valued outcomes. In this highly insightful and interactive talk inspired by disruptive companies and startups, you’ll discover the speed and creativity that comes from co-creating across teams, employees, customers, suppliers, and even people in our personal lives.

After learning a framework, stories and techniques for co-creation, you’ll put it all into practice by co-creating with fellow participants. You’ll walk away with powerful tools to take back to your organization, such as: 

  • Knowing why and when you should co-create.
  • Getting the right people to the table.
  • Facilitating productive co-creation sessions.

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Career level: Strategic Adviser

Presenter / Pinaki Kathiari / U.S. is the CEO of Local Wisdom, a digital agency that creates tech-driven experiences to elevate communication, storytelling and creativity. With 17 years of experience working with Fortune companies, conglomerate agencies, startups, and entrepreneurs, Kathiari has honed his skills in digital strategy, UX design, marketing, communication, and business development. His work spans a wide variety of industries that includes healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, finance, and digital products.