The career courage challenge: How to be brave in your work (without being stupid)

Do you ever question decisions made at work—but never speak up and question the decision-maker? Do you long to take on new or different responsibilities, but find yourself waiting for something else to change first? Do you wish you just had more courage?

It’s only human. In an uncertain world of work, smart communication professionals are getting hungrier than ever to behave with more courage in their careers. But it’s too easy to stay safe, and those safe behaviors are often rewarded and recognized.

At this communication crossroads, it’s a time for a change in our lives at work. In this energetic, interactive session, we’ll dive into the research, strategies and tactics that prove why leading with courage at work is more important now than ever, and not only for our careers, but for our companies and communities. You’ll gain hands-on tools to help you decide when, where, and how you can use more courage in your own career, and how to balance taking risks with the possible rewards.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why uncertain times are the best times for professional communicators to take on a career courage challenge.
  • How to better evaluate our decisions at work, and increase our awareness of biases toward staying safe.
  • Tactical ways to increase your courage and balance taking risks with the possible rewards that work for you and your company.

TrackCommunication skills
Career level: Strategic adviser

Presenter / Darcy Eikenberg, PCC /U.S. helps high-performance leaders and teams manage through constant change with more clarity, confidence, and control—plus a bit of courage thrown in to handle today’s complex life at work. Working with companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, State Farm, Deloitte and others, she brings her clients a practical, real-world perspective that creates business results with a touch of humor and heart. She’s the author of Bring Your Superpowers to Work and blogs at