The impact of artificial intelligence on communication

Thanks to rapid advances in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, and analytics, we are at the crossroads of a new era in business communication.

As technology innovation creates newer opportunities for businesses, we need to learn and adapt to a new way of communicating in an environment where robotic processes powered by AI will coexist with humans and help each other in streamlining and improving the way we communicate.

According to a recent global industry survey, 70 percent of CEOs said they are making significant investments in AI-related technologies and 55 percent plan to use machine learning extensively. This paradigm shift will have a long-term impact on the way we communicate with our people and clients. This session is all about what we need to know about AI, why AI is here to make our jobs easier rather than take away our jobs, and how we can harness the power of AI to improve the speed and impact of our communication campaigns.

You’ll learn:

  • What communicators need to know about the use of AI in daily life and at the workplace.
  • Why AI is here to help communications professionals improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaigns.
  • How practitioners can use the power of AI to solve their problems and equip themselves with faster decision-making that drives results.

TrackCommunication Skills
Format: Speed Presentation
Career level: Generalist/specialist
Date and time: Monday, 4 June, 12 p.m.

Presenter / Subhamoy Das / India is a former journalist and communication professional based in India. He has two decades of experience in public relations, marketing and communications,  having worked with top multinational companies including GE, eBay, and Deloitte, and media houses such as The New York Times Company and India Today. He has authored several books and is an industry expert on social media and digital marketing. He heads marketing and communications for a leading global professional services company in India and serves as the president of IABC India.