Three high-level communication hats leaders must wear for effective internal communication

When teams have strong and open communication, the company thrives. Sounds easy, right? We communication pros know how challenging that actually is, especially in the current age. With all the advances in communication technology, it’s harder than ever to keep the internal lines of communication clean and open. With shorter attention spans, informational clutter, multiple generations of multiple cultural backgrounds working in multiple locations, plus nonstop technology change, it’s time to make internal communications a priority.

As a for-hire communication coach, I’m having this same conversation with more executives more often. When employees feel aligned with the company vision, informed and listened to, they are much less likely to jump ship. Weak internal communication fuels the rumor mill, fans the flames of mutiny and scatters people’s attention. To make sure everyone understands what’s going on in the company, its priorities and their role, it’s time for leaders to recognize the need to become a communication coach, a PR pro and event coordinator.

In this session we will:

  • Share from the stage and the audience the latest challenges threatening effective internal communication.
  • Learn how internet use is changing our brains (this will explain a lot!).
  • Explore ways to teach overwhelmed leaders how to wear three communication hats: the coach, the PR pro and event coordinator.
  • Review case studies of how leading companies have created specific venues to actually make internal communications a priority.

Format: Presentation
Track: Employee & Customer Engagement

Laura Mixon Camacho, Ph.D., founded Mixonian Institute in 2009 to rid the business world of boring, redundant and self-defeating communication (she has a lot of work to do!). Mixonian Institute training programs are for leaders who want more impact and influence in order to improve outcomes for our companies and communities. Through her expertise, creative research and sense of humor, Laura is disrupting the traditional approach to teaching communication skills using creativity, curiosity and confidence. Her articles are regularly published by several business publications, including, The Southern C, Lionesses of Africa and now Training Industry. A member of the Forbes Council of Coaches, Camacho was also named by The Moultrie News as a “Leading Woman in Business,” and has been praised for “doing an amazing job of connecting ‘soft skills’ involving the head, the heart, with the nitty gritty technical, logical, analytical workplace we work in.”


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