Transformation is changing how leaders communicate: Are you ready to help?

Transformation is transforming leadership and making unprecedented demands on leaders. Leaders need to navigate endless uncertainty, often highly charged situations and sometimes toxic politics. In such environments, colleagues search for meaning and deeper connections, making leadership an even more human endeavor.

As a consequence, traditional approaches to leader communication fail to connect, and in their stead, a new suite of communication tools and skills is called for. Drawing on his experience of working with senior leaders in global organizations, Colin will unpack seven hands-on communication tools that communicators can use to coach and develop their leaders to be future-fit.

You will be able to help you leaders be ready for the shift by:

  • Helping them develop their leader narrative.
  • Anchoring their communication in vision and purpose.
  • Empowering teams through incredibly potent feedback.
  • Supporting leaders to be conscious “culture-shapers.”

Format: Presentation
Track: Communication Driving Business

Presenter / Colin Hatfield / U.K. is a communication coach with a difference: his passion and focus is on how leaders need to communicate in order to align, inspire and engage their organizations. He combines his own experience as an agency executive with his background in marketing and branding to provide leaders with practical guidance on how they can strengthen their presence and impact. He digs deep to build powerful narratives for the individual and the role, and then uses these to drive more effective and compelling day-to-day interactions with teams, peers, stakeholders and senior executives. His approach is particularly powerful for leaders who are driving transformation, changing strategic direction or on-boarding to new roles. As well as working 1-to-1, Colin works extensively with leadership teams to develop their vision and narrative, and for team members to become fluent, confident and capable in using cutting-edge techniques to engage their people.