Use data to manage and measure return on reputation

This is a hands-on communication workshop in which we will explore factors that drive corporate reputation, and how to leverage those to manage and enhance reputation. Participants will explore the impact of category, assess the influence of the competitive environment, and understand content and channel factors. In small teams, we will use those elements to inform and create key reputation pillars and metrics to inform a strategic communication plan.

During this session, you will:

  • Understand drivers of reputation.
  • Gain clarity into content factors that inform positioning in a way that delivers on reputation.
  • Identify optimal channel strategies that can enhance reputation performance.

Career level: Strategic Adviser

Presenter / Nicky McHugh / U.S. is vice president and consulting director with Reputation Institute. She provides data-driven executive counsel at the point where leadership and communication converge. Her interpretation of data informs the development of positioning platforms and the creation of messaging narratives that align to reputation pillars. Previously, McHugh spent 20 years in leadership roles directing strategic communication for best-in-class global organizations with top-tier PR agencies.