Using mobile to engage non-desk employees

Ciara O'Keefe

Ciara O’Keeffe

The digital workplace has complicated our definitions of non-desk employees. With fewer employees in the office, it’s even more important that communicators pay attention to how they are engaging this employee group. IABC World Conference speaker Ciara O’Keeffe, vice president of client success at Beem, moderated a robust #CommChat discussion on how mobile technology in particular can be used to engage non-desk employees.

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Is “non-desk” still the best term?

Ciara O’Keeffe started the conversation off by asking, “Who are non-desk employees?” In this digital age, it may not be as simple as our definition in the past.

The group differentiated between non-desk employees (which can include remote workers) and employees who are disconnected, without access to computers at work.


Non-desk employees are your best ambassadors. Make sure they aren’t forgotten

A common challenge that was raised in the conversation was how easily non-desk employees can feel disconnected from headquarters. Because these employees are often on the front lines, engaging with your customers directly, it’s even more important that they feel connected to your vision and values.



Mobile can make two-way communication a reality

Communicators emphasized throughout the conversation how important it is to ensure that communications with non-desk employees are two-way. Mobile technology can provide channels for feedback and conversation.

Take advantage of analytics and data to make your communications more effective than ever

Mobile allows you to monitor the most popular communication formats, topics, delivery times, etc. Use this data and the feedback from your staff to create communications that are meaningful to them.


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