Why attend?

Your next great business decision

It’s not enough to have communication that supports your organization, you need a strategy that delivers on the bottom line. That’s where the IABC World Conference comes in. We draw from the best in the communication field to educate, inform and inspire new communication ideas and strategies that move your organization forward.

We bring leading-edge knowledge and trends to life

Our approach respects traditional forms of communication, but our focus is to challenge communication professionals to step up and navigate through a changing world with innovative ideas to engage customers, motivate employees and elevate your brand.

We inform participants with real-life examples that work—drawing from principles that represent IABC’s Global Standard of excellence in communication.

Real ROI—now and into the future

We specialize in educating communication professionals to advance their organizations with immediate solutions that build on long-term problem-solving.

The return on investment is solid and the value can’t be matched. You’ll come back with a fresh take on new possibilities, an understanding of what it takes to make a tangible contribution and be armed with the knowledge and skills you need to drive communication efforts that make a difference.

A choice of  career paths and session formats enable focused learning

This year’s conference has some important features. You can choose from among four career paths to address your specific professional needs and pick from multiple session formats, such as rapid-fire speed presentations, 15-minute TED-talk style sessions with interactive discussions, traditional one-hour sessions or three-hour long intensive workshops—for a tailored experience to fit your individual learning preferences.

A global slate of new speakers expand your thinking

Because creative solutions and innovative ideas come from all corners of the world, this year’s new international slate of speakers will expand your thinking with startling perspectives, useful insights and concrete examples that span the globe. Our Program Advisory Committee selects only the very best speakers who have what it takes to deliver a stellar presentation for an outstanding audience experience.

Solutions that address real challenges

Since the program has been so carefully vetted by leading communication experts from around the world, this conference is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of a communication professional. It was shaped to address today’s most critical communication issues that directly impact your organization’s ability to thrive and succeed in a highly competitive environment.

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