Woke culture at work: Tackling solutions to racial inequity in organizations serious about inclusion

With increasing awareness of racial injustices occupying our news feeds and day-to-day lives, the reality of who holds privilege in the workplace and who does not has become an unavoidable and vital conversation to be had.

Tasneem and Joy well shed light on this topic, providing professional and anecdotal evidence that center responsibility for social change with those who are least likely to want to make it. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable truth of new thinking is yet another way organizations must pivot in 2020 and beyond in order to stay relevant, progressive and woke.

The gains to be made from enacting more inclusive measures at work that are respectful and educational are proven to enhance employee well-being as well as company productivity. A culturally safe workplace needs to no longer be aspirational, but essential. Understanding what this means and how it looks is one step in a trajectory towards shifting to a place we need to be that is both ethically and fiscally prudent.

Track: Employee and Customer Engagement
Date / Time: Tuesday, 16 June, 5 p.m. PDT

Presenter / Cross-cultural consultant Tasneem Chopra has recently been appointed as an “Anti-Racism Champion” by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Previously, she was one of “50 Women you Need to Know” in 2017’s Herald Sun International Women’s Day count, following a listing in Latte Magazine’s “2016 – Women to Watch.” In previous years, she has been listed in The Age Magazine’s Top 100 most influential “Movers and Shakers in Melbourne” and The Australian Magazine’s Leader series, of “Top 10 Thinkers.”

Through her consultancy, she speaks across the private and public sector to issues of leadership, diversity, cultural competence, and intersectional discrimination.

Presenter / Joy Adan is a Filipino-Australian writer and content producer from Sydney, Australia. For over 10 years, she has been combining her experience in communications and change management with her passion for storytelling and digital media to help business and community leaders connect with their people and strengthen culture. As a content journalist at Reward Gateway, she shares the stories and strategies companies are using to improve employee engagement and make the world a better place to work.