World Café General Session

IABC is introducing a very special general session, a World Café on Monday, 12 June from 1-3 p.m. Never heard of a World Café? Well, it’s a structured conversational process that creates a platform for open small group discussions and crowdsourcing to tap into “collective intelligence.” Here’s your chance to experience learning and discovery in an entirely new way, through creative thinking, new connections and the power of your peers.

This session will focus on ethical communication against a backdrop of current events affecting the profession. Learn more…

The process is based on these principles:

  • Get context around the issues
  • Feel comfortable to share
  • Explore questions that matter
  • Value everyone’s contribution
  • Connect with diverse perspectives
  • Listen together for patterns and insights
  • Share collective discoveries

This session will be like no other you’ve experienced. We’ll tap into the thinking of all 1,000 plus World Conference attendees to address some of the critical questions facing communication professionals today. Prepare to discover, connect and enjoy!

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