You’ve got the analytics…now what?

For a considerable amount of time, getting any data or measurement at all was one of the main challenges for a communication professional. As we become more sophisticated in terms of what and how we measure, we face a new challenge: what to do with the data now that we have it. Using a case study of the measurement journey at ERM, this session will:

  • Explore the assertion that measurement is more important than it has ever been to a communication professional (and has the potential to change how you’re perceived in our organization)
  • Explore why it’s not enough just to have comms measurement data; you need to know how to turn it into a story that illustrates your unique contribution to the organization.
  • Show that sound measurement depends entirely on having the right inputs (i.e. planning) before communication even begins.

This practical session will help those who are struggling with how to build their measurement narrative, anyone looking to strengthen their measurement program or those who want to brush up on their communication goal/objective setting.

Format: Presentation
Track: Career & Future Skills

Presenter / Neil Griffiths / U.K., ABC, Chart.PR, IABC Fellow is senior manager, global communication & global inclusion lead at ERM, the world’s largest sustainability consultancy. With a focus on corporate communication and inclusion, he has worked in communication management for 15+ years across public, private and non-profit organizations. Griffiths has held numerous leadership positions within IABC, including being a member of the inaugural Global Communications Certification Council. He also chaired the 2018 World Conference in Montreal and is past chair of IABC’s EMENA region. Griffiths has received the IABC Regional Leader of the Year and the Rae Hamlin Award for services to professional certification. In 2019, he was named IABC Fellow. Together with co-author Deborah Hinton, Griffiths has published two studies on the current and future state of the communication profession and advocates for channeling your best communication self regardless of where and how you work.