Speaker Bio

Advita Patel

How communication can inspire a culture of belonging and inclusivity in a hybrid world.

Advita Patel, Chart.PR (She/her)
Communications consultant and confidence coach, CommsRebel and A Leader Like Me, United Kingdom

Advita Patel is the director of CommsRebel, co-founder of A Leader Like Me, a membership for underrepresented women looking to progress in their careers, and a co-host for an award-winning podcast, CalmEdgedRebels. She’s also an experienced speaker and often shares her thoughts on how to overcome self-doubt, how to unleash your inner rebel, future trends and topics around internal communication and diversity. Advita has worked within internal communications for 17 years and helps organisations build inclusive cultures so colleagues can belong and thrive in the work they do. She is a Chartered PR practitioner and a Fellow of CIPR.