2023 Session Formats

With IABC's World Conference 2023, we're doing things differently. Rather than your usual conference sessions, this year's event hosts a variety of session formats. You can expect curated, dialogue-focused learning experiences that focus heavily on peer-to-peer interaction. Read on to learn more about our new session formats below!

Interactive Workshop

A session for attendees to actively participate in sharing an experience, demonstrating a new technology or technique, by learning together. The session is facilitated by an expert who can help participants make progress, try out new ideas and share feedback. 

Dialogue Den

Tech-free boutique sessions that offer participants a chance to engage in intimate, small group conversations about important topics in the industry. Dialogue Den’s create the space needed to learn from our peers in an open, facilitated format. These will be tech-free and delivered in a "fireside chat" format. 

Panel Discussion

A discussion about a specific topic featuring a number of expert panelists with different perspectives each of whom can engage and spark an audience. The panel is facilitated by a moderator who will draw out key points, questions and a summary.

Expert Debate

A debate takes place between two or more opponents who are experts in their fields as well as being entertaining presenters. The debate topic is clearly defined in terms of a question, with one side presenting the affirmative case and the other the negative case.