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Schedule of Events

Below is the schedule at a glance for the World Conference 2021, taking place 28-30 June. As an international association, please note that the times listed include:

The schedule is subject to change.

Schedule of Events

Build a Freelance Mentality... Especially If You’re Employed!

16 April 2021

Employees, it is time to act like CEOs! The world has changed. And to survive in it, we must learn from the lessons of the thriving gig economy – especially if we’re employed. We must find our niche and, once we’ve done that, we must self-promote. This is how we will stand out. This session will share a new philosophy, while guiding attendees through an interactive process of developing their own personal ‘opening line’ (a twist on the elevator pitch). At the same time, attendees will see how one of the Six Principles of the Communication Profession can be used to season the freelance mentality, via the presenter’s own challenges and techniques for using freelance methodologies to enhance positioning on the job. 

Upon completion, participants will be: