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Schedule of Events

Giant Leaps Start Here: It’s About Time…to Explore!

16 April 2021

NASA’s Johnson Space Center has served as the iconic setting to some of humankind’s greatest achievements. For nearly 60 years, as part of NASA’s nationwide team, Johnson has led the world in human space exploration. By capitalizing on the latest social media features, newsworthy content and trending topics, the space agency aims to share its mission with the public in broader ways than ever before. But they also have an important stakeholder – their employees – whose work to leap to greater heights and new destinations makes them the leader in human space exploration.

Often, NASA employees are on the go — consuming what they want, when they want and on a multitude of platforms. The Johnson External Relations Office reimagined its internal communications products to serve a multi-generational workforce while being responsive to today’s technology platforms. This focuses resources on better serving the needs of the Johnson team with products that help employees and retirees lead the charge as the American space program’s most knowledgeable ambassadors. Plus, it’s a business best practice that will ensure Johnson operates as a well-informed center with a strong sense of community.

Join us for a keynote presentation from NASA Senior Communications Specialist Isidro Reyna as he takes us on a voyage inside the world of NASA communications. Learn how to organize a large-scale internal communications strategy, communicate in ways that are relevant to your employees, and use “everyone communication” as a tool for action!

3…2…1…it’s about time to take your communications to new heights!