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Below is the schedule at a glance for the World Conference 2021, taking place 28-30 June. As an international association, please note that the times listed include:

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Schedule of Events

New Internal Comms Platforms: Robbers of Time

16 April 2021

Over the past decade, starting with major players such as Slack, Yammer, and Salesforce, there has been a movement to adapt and offer social media engagement-style platforms for enterprise communications. With COVID, the trend has accelerated. With this comes an unspoken, fatal-flaw level problem. Today's employees want a whole-person approach to work life. They expect engagement, recognition, stimulation, even recreation. New comms tools and intranets meet those needs with social media-style elements that mirror online life outside of work. Social media is paid for by advertising. The longer users spend on the platform, the more money can be made. Social media sites are built to circumvent executive-level decision-making brain function and appeal to our more survival-level brain directives. Everything we know about social media and effective focus tells us that their use causes catastrophic wastes of time at why are we bringing them into our workplaces?